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Download The Monkey King Demon City Chinese Movie Mp4 Film

“The stick becomes a Buddha, and the unintentional becomes a devil.” Jin Chanzi IX traveled westward and was buried in the Liusha River. Retain obsession, remove the heart and transform the devil, the name is Wuxin.

In the tenth generation Xuanzang, he got the stone monkey, Tianpeng escorted the scriptures, and once again Liushahe… The story of “The Great Sage Monkey King: The City of Ten Thousand Demons” is based on Journey to the West.

Always alone, facing the ups and downs and hardships along the way, with righteousness in mind, yearning for purifying all sentient beings, and the kindness in the world. There is no need to say how many difficulties along the way, but the real resistance always points directly to the heart.

The shadow of the back of the sun will always remain, when the edge of good and evil begins to blur, when innocence and beauty are trampled on, even if you have a great ability, you will be helpless and fall into a desperate situation. However, brave people will still create light in the darkest corners, and even if they are behind bars, they will not give up the struggle.

Knowing that he will sacrifice, he is still willing. Only when the stick has a heart can struggle create hope. Although justice will eventually defeat evil, when you find that good and evil originate from you, if you start to hesitate, please don’t forget the original pure heart, fight and work hard for it. Don’t forget the original intention, Fang De is always.

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  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Stars: Chen Haomin / Lin Zicong / Fan Meng |
  • Runtime: 90mins