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Download Mojin Mysterious Adventure Chinese Movie Mp4 Film

Half a century after Partridge Whistle and Chen Yulou explored the Pingshan Mountains in Western Hunan, after touching the golden iron triangle and returning from the Longling Cave, Hu Bayi (played by Zhang Zhiyao), who is good at “dividing gold and determining acupoints”, is a courageous person to save the face.

The spider’s poisonous big golden tooth, Shirley Yang (played by Hu Xueer), who leads the team and the wisdom of both civil and military, and Wang Kaixuan (played by Li Dianzun), who is often funny in golden sentences, came to Pingshan in Xiangxi to explore the unsolved mysteries of the predecessors.

Try to find the long-lost six-winged centipede in the legend of Jianghu, obtain the life-saving inner pill, and explore the secrets hidden in the depths of Pingshan.

After the anger, there are dangerous strange insects and beasts and traps hidden in the depths of the Pingshan Palace, which no one dares to challenge.

The group encountered a group of corpse poisonous centipede traps and arrow crossbow traps. Hu Bayi used Luoyang shovel force to fight the giant six-winged centipede to protect the life of the group…

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  • Genre: Action, Mystery
  • Stars: Zhang Zhiyao / Hu Xueer, others
  • Runtime: 91mins