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Since faking his own death, Arthur Bishop has been living quietly in Rio de Janeiro under the name Santos. He is approached by a courier, Renee Tran, who knows his true identity and explains that her employer wishes Bishop to kill three targets and stage their deaths as accidents. Bishop escapes, eluding her and her mercenaries and fleeing to Thailand. He takes shelter at the resort island beach house of his friend, Mei, and learns that Tran is working for Riah Crain.

Some time later, a bruised woman, Gina Thornton, approaches Mei for first aid before returning to a boat anchored nearby. Mei sees her being beaten by a man aboard the boat and alerts Bishop. Together, they rescue Thornton, but in the scuffle, the man’s head hits a bollard and he dies. Bishop searches, unsuccessfully, for evidence of the man’s identity, then sets the boat ablaze.

While Mei tends to Thornton’s injuries, Bishop finds that Thornton is also connected to Crain, and concludes that Crain anticipated Bishop would become romantic with her: Crain would then kidnap her to make Bishop take the assassination jobs. On being charged with his theory, Thornton reveals that Crain had threatened the children’s shelter in Cambodia that she runs unless she participated. Over the next few days, Bishop gets to know Thornton better and they fall in love. As expected, Crain’s mercenaries arrive and abduct them.

Crain keeps Thornton hostage to ensure Bishop completes the assassinations. The first target is a warlord named Krill, held in a Malaysian prison. Bishop gets himself imprisoned by posing as an wanted man, and gains Krill’s trust by killing a man who attempts to kill him who turned out to be Krill’s former right-hand man. Bishop then kills Krill himself and escapes with the help of Crain’s operatives. The next target is Adrian Cook, a Sydney-based billionaire and former trafficker of underage sex workers. Bishop bypasses the tight security of Cook’s penthouse apartment and breaks the glass bottom of his overhanging pool using a tube containing chemical that causes the glass to crack, sending him plummeting to his death.

While relaying details of the third target, Crain allows Bishop to speak to Thornton, who repositions the camera, enabling Bishop to identify Crain’s boat. Bishop attempts a rescue, but Crain is able to thwart it. Crain demands Bishop complete the final assassination in 24 hours. The final target is Max Adams, an American arms dealer in Varna, Bulgaria. While planning his attempt, Bishop realizes that the targets are Crain’s only major competition in arms dealing. Bishop instead approaches Adams to warn him of Crain’s plan, and recruit his help. Bishop fakes Adams’ death, then reports his success to Crain, directing him to the submarine pen to find the body.

At the pen, Bishop decimates Crain’s mercenaries then makes for Crain’s boat anchored nearby. He fights off more of Crain’s men and rescues Thornton. He discovers the boat is rigged with explosives and puts Thornton in an emergency release pod. Bishop kills the remaining mercenaries, then overpowers Crain and secures him to the boat with a metal chain. The bombs explode, killing Crain and, apparently, Bishop.

  • Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop
  • Jessica Alba as Gina Thornton
  • Tommy Lee Jones as Max Adams
  • Michelle Yeoh as Mei
  • Sam Hazeldine as Riah Crain
  • John Cenatiempo as Jeremy Cocs
  • Toby Eddington as Adrian Cook
  • Femi Elufowoju Jr. as Marlon Krill
  • Francis Tonkala Tamouya as Nuujib “The Slender Psycho”